Heal Your Gut e-Book

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The Heal Your Gut e Book is an informative, uncomplicated and achievable gut healing protocol which will inspire, motivate and bring about true healing to the body.

The natural four week protocol is not scary and honours the body as a whole.  The healing program is divided into four phases for you to follow one step at a time. 

Heal Your Gut encourages you to work with your natural gut flora in a positive and supportive way, and not fight against it as an unwelcome and unruly opponent.  It provides step by step guidance on how to bring your gut flora into balance with food to achieve optimum and enduring health.

Heal Your Gut  features over fifty sweet and savoury recipe inspirations, drawing on whole foods and a kaleidoscopic rainbow of healing ingredients.  There are simple solutions for blood sugar, energy maintenance and gut healing and covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  There are also delicious snacks and beverages to indulge in. It's not a fad diet or juicing cleanse.

Heal Your Gut includes step by step guidelines on how to heal your gut, and gives information on self-love and living with flexibility and not rigidity. It features personalised anecdotes to bring healing closer to home, and demonstrates that healing is truly possible. 

The book also connects with the emotional, stress and brain related aspects of gut health.  Recognising the activity of cortisol in the body, meeting the Vegus Nerve, and really learning to belly breathe through fears and worries is just one crucial part to healing from within.

There are chapters covering the gut and immune system connection and the two-way interdependent relationship between the gut and the brain.  The book also covers lifestyle factors which contribute to gut health such as such as cleaning products and beauty products.

This isn’t a book to just read, I urge you to interact with it, print it out and make notes in the margins, scribble on it and make it your own wellness plan. This is your book and I have written it for you.