Spiral Foods Organic Tomato Passata 700ml

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Spiral Foods Organic Tomato Passata 700ml

No added salt or sugar. A smooth delicious tomato passata sauce. Italian Tomatoes - pureed, seeded and skinned.

Spiral's pureed organic tomatoes are selected from the very tastiest tomato varieties in Italy.Whole organic ripe red tomatoes are picked at the height of their flavour, put through a fine sieve to be skinned, seeded and slowly cooked to a perfect consistency.
One of the most versatile and loved foods in many cuisines.
Add to your pasta sauces or soups for a rich and full tomato flavour.

Add to your favourite:
- tomato sauce, lasagna, pasta
- soups, stews, casseroles
- stir fries, curries e.g. butter chicken
- tacos, quesadilla, burritos, salsa
- burgers, sandwiches, wraps and rolls
- salads
- dips
- pizzas, calzone.

Ingredients: Certified Organic tomatoes.