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Lose weight, supercharge your energy and feel great with my brand new cookbook!

The health benefits of intermittent fasting are powerful and well documented. Dramatically reducing calories on two days per week not only kick-starts weight loss, but also rejuvenates the body’s systems, repairs cells and restores vitality.

With fasting options to suit different lifestyles, 
tips for staying on track, varied meal plans and over ninety delicious low-calorie recipes that are easy, satisfying and nutritious, Fast Your Way to Wellness offers 
all the tools you need to succeed and thrive on your voyage towards wellness and weight-loss. It’s the perfect read for everyone – from the fasting newbie to those who are committed to their own fasting regimes or even for the fasting curious.  This book is a must have on every bookshelf. It promises to be a well thumbed and well used addition to your healthy kitchen.  (ps. It also fits neatly into your tote bag or briefcase!).

If you’re seeking lifelong health, intermittent fasting can be a powerful ally. Drastically reducing calories for limited amounts of time on a regular basis (for example, consuming a third of your regular calorie intake two days per week) is not only a scientifically proven way to lose weight and keep it off, it can also dramatically improve your overall health.

I have fasted intermittently for several years and have written this book using what I've discovered to help you successfully integrate this practice into your weekly routine, enjoy the experience and avoid the obstacles that can trip up those new to fasting.

My tasty, nutritious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and portable snacks include calorie counts, and the menu plans will help get you in the swing of planning your fasting days so they sail by effortlessly. You'll reap the benefits of increased energy and vitality — the bonus will be watching those numbers on the bathroom scale go down, and stay down.

In fact, Nina and Pieter said "we are loving Fast Your Way To Wellness. The chicken meatballs with marinara sauce and curried carrot soup are weekly staples for us. We’ve also made the ginger and coriander fish, pea soup, prawn curry and saag chicken curry! This is the best intermittent fasting program out there."

Popular singer Christine Anu lost half her body weight following the Fast Your Way to Wellness program.

The recipes are totally delicious and simple to make too!